Add Decorative Touch With Door Knobs and Hinges

Many times people are unhappy with the overall look of a space and can’t really put their finger on why. If you look at your room and think that it just doesn’t look quite finished or that it just doesn’t have the pizzazz you wish it did, look carefully at your hardware. All too often people use the door knobs and hinges that came with a standard door or they used hardware that was cheap and boring. Changing out the door hardware can instantly give a room more interest and polish. Here are some tips to help you pick door knobs and hinges that will elevate your space to a design masterpiece.

Start with the Door Knob
The most obvious place to begin when considering door hardware is with the door knob. Chances are you have a very standard door knob in a stock color like silver or gold. There are so many different decorative door knobs available in great finishes to amp up the appeal of any design aesthetic. You can easily find everything from decorative reproduction hardware or vintage doorknobs for an antique feel to very modern, sleek lever door handles in polished chrome or stainless steel. Most doorknobs are pretty standard and can be easily replaced, but even if the old doorknob is non-standard, a decent contractor can retrofit a new one inexpensively. Pick a doorknob that really speaks to you and your overall design. It is worth spending a few extra dollars to get the perfect doorknob instead of settling with something because it is cheap. The difference in look will more than make up for the difference in cost. Don’t limit yourself to the small selection readily available off the shelf at your local hardware store. It is worth your while to look online and through special order hardware catalogues at home improvement warehouses to select the doorknob that is just right.

Consider All Your Other Visible Hardware
The doorknob to an major entry or interior door is a great place to start in selecting the right style and finish of your hardware, but you shouldn’t stop there. Carefully take a look at all the other hardware easily seen on the door such as the door kick plates, hinges, and any other hardware latches. Typically your door knob will be part of an entire collection of door hardware, so it will be easy to find the other hardware pieces that match. If you don’t find an exact match within a collection, simply look for that part in another brand or set that has the same color, surface finish, and basic style. Finally, you are going to want to make sure than any other hardware contained in the same space is also replaced. Look at all your cabinet door handles, cupboard hardware, storm door handles, furniture hinges and the like. You can find specialty hardware readily to easily replace all these things for a professional, finished look throughout the room.

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Add a Decorative Touch With Designer Chrome Collection Door Knockers

Many times there are people who are not seemed to be happy with the over all outlook and appearance of their homes and particularly with their rooms because they think that something is missing or lack of it. But later on they would finally realize after a careful look that it has something to do with the hardware particularly the door knobs and door knockers. Usually these cases happened when people use the door knobs and door knockers that came with a standard door or they used hardware that are of low quality and cheap designs.

Changing the door hardware is simply the answer to give a decorative touch to your boring looking room. Changing your door hardware like door knockers and knobs, can instantly give a more polish and attractive appearance to your room. Designer chrome collection door knockers and knobs are perfect door hardware that will enhance and transform your house particularly your room into a more interesting and elegant one.

However some people find difficulty in picking the right door knobs and knockers that are appropriate to the theme and design of their homes and would elevate their place into a design masterpiece. So, here are some helpful tips that would help you choose the right door hardware that would compliment your house design.

First, you have to start with the door knob. Usually, people got stuck with the common color of door knob like silver and gold. You have to consider also the various decorative designer chrome collection door knockers and door knobs that would enhance the aesthetic design of your doors. These are available from decorative reproduction hardware or vintage doorknobs to very modern and sleek lever door handles available in polished chrome or stainless steel. Surely, you would not find it difficult to replaced your doorknobs with the stylish and elegant one since most doorknobs are of standard type.

In choosing a designer chrome collection door knocker and doorknob, it is very important that you base it on your personal style and must speak your personality. Sometimes you have to spend extra money in order to pick the right doorknob for you instead of settling with the cheap one. For you to have an access to the wide array of different designs and styles of designer chrome collection door knockers and knobs, try to spare some of your time looking on line and catalogues of various home improvement warehouses and home stores. Through this, you can surely pick the perfect door hardware for you that fit your taste and style.

Lastly, you need to consider all other hardware aside from designer chrome collection door knockers and knobs like door kick plates, hinges, and any other hardware latches. As much as possible you have to make sure that your designer chrome collection door knockers and door knob will match with other hardware pieces in order for you to achieve that elegant and design masterpiece doors.

Choosing ADA Compliant Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial property and business owners have a lot to consider when it comes to setting up a store. Planning a building, office, store or warehouse design is typically left up to contractors while the owner concentrates on pressing matters like inventory, etc.

However, neglecting to get involved in the design process may inadvertently lead to excluding patrons with disabilities. It may even result in a lawsuit. Choosing ADA compliant commercial door hardware should be the responsibility of both the contractor and the business or property owner. The United States Department of Justice administrates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) The Act became law in 1990, and its aim is to protect Americans with disabilities from discrimination, and to provide them with equal opportunity to jobs, shopping and every thing else pertaining to daily living.

The ADA has gone through a number of updates and amendments as times have changed and technology has progressed. The most recent amendments to the ADA were signed into law by former President George Bush in September of 2008.

The ADA, in part, requires commercial property owners to design their buildings, offices, store space, etc. in a manner that makes them fully accessible to people with disabilities. While the word “disabilities” has a broad definition, it speaks in particular of Americans with limited mobility (i.e. wheelchair bound or crippled) when applied to commercial building design.

The parameters for commercial building design for Americans with disabilities are set out in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Section 4.13 applies specifically to commercial door hardware. This government publication is available for free to interested citizens, advocacy groups, contractors and business owners/managers.

Doorway egress and ease of opening are of particular importance when addressing issues of access to commercial buildings/businesses for people with disabilities. The current ADA sets particular standards for door egress, for example, to ensure that those in wheelchairs can enter and exit a public building without undue difficulty.

When it comes to commercial door hardware, the ADA states in Section 4.13.9 that: “Handles, pulls, latches, locks, and other operating devices on accessible doors shall have a shape that is easy to grasp with one hand and does not require tight grasping, tight pinching, or twisting of the wrist to operate.” This means that doors on public buildings must be outfitted with ADA compliant commercial door hardware. Lever-style door handles are one example of ADA-compliant door entry hardware.

Other commercial door hardware components, such as door closers, must also be in compliance with ADA regulations. Door closers shut doors automatically after they have been opened. Door closers must be set in such a manner that allows ample time and egress for a person with disabilities to fully enter the doorway before the door swings shut again.

Other commercial door hardware components that must be taken into consideration when outfitting public buildings include crash bars/panic bars, automatic/power door openers, locks and thresholds. Every business/commercial property owner and contractor should become familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act, particularly the “Standards for Accessible Design” section.

A Look at How to Shop For Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding door hardware is available in a variety of formats. Some of the more common examples of such hardware are pulls, (also known as handles), which are among the most well known hardware items that are also available in a huge variety of models. You can purchase ordinary pulls and those that are very ornate; and they are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and shapes.

Pulls are common items of sliding door hardware; and they can be bought as separate items or they may already be attached to the doors. When selecting sliding door hardware you must ensure that tracks are of good enough quality. Poor quality and inexpensive tracks are attractive on account of their cheapness but they will not provide suitable functionality and so may not always be the best option.

Also, tracks are suited for different weights of the sliding doors, so it is necessary that you pick sturdy tracks for sturdily built doors and flimsy tracks for flimsily built doors. Failure to properly match the tracks to the doors will mean that it would be hard to operate the doors.

Straight sliding systems are also some other common items of hardware that work with sliding doors. Such hardware will in fact be built out of metal or wood and may operate on single or even double track runs.

In case you need folding hardware which can be used on doors that fold in and which are generally used in small sized garages and also in heavy industrial areas including warehouses and factories. Such hardware items are made from steel and the range of products span everything for indoor and also outdoor use.

In case you need hardware for indoor use then you can pick from standard sets that come with all the necessary fittings and with step by step instructions to help you install the items.

If you are looking for the best hardware for sliding doors then you will need to look for a reputable seller that stocks items that are made by companies that provide a complete line of hardware to suit all kinds of sliding door applications including folding, straight sliding and center-folding as well as around the corner systems.

Before buying these kinds of items, be sure that you check to see whether the seller is a member of reputable associations such as the Door and Hardware Institute. Membership with such bodies will assure you that you are getting quality products.